About Us

We support our clients as they develop strategies, tactics and campaigns to achieve their objectives and then aggressively execute and achieve results. We support our clients with deep industry knowledge, outreach to partners throughout industry and government, rigorous analysis, determined execution, and insight that enables action.​

Meetings & Presentations

We support your team in identifying customers and key stakeholders, understanding and shaping their requirements and supporting contacts and meetings to ensure maximum impact.

Proposal Development

Having created the conditions for success, we work with your team to develop the best tailored program plan and motivating proposal to gain customer and stakeholder support.

Capture & Close

We work aggressively to identify needed resources, support customer relationship building, and build support so that your objective is achieved!

Strategy Development

Emerald Collaborative Partners works with leadership to develop comprehensive strategies to achieve your organization's objectives.

Market Analysis

Insight into emerging markets for Federal, Defense and Commercial product offerings, based off of insights, contacts and deep industry experience.